A Look Inside the Foundation for Delaware County’s Giving

maternal health is one of FDC’s current priorities. VGstockstudio/shutterstock

maternal health is one of FDC’s current priorities. VGstockstudio/shutterstock

The Philadelphia metro area is made up of multiple counties in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Delaware County, which is home to over 564,000 people. While most major cities, like Philadelphia, have their own community foundation, county-wide foundations are also prevalent and offer something unique to the local grantmaking scene.

One such county-focused funder in this region is the Foundation for Delaware County (FDC), which is a newcomer on the philanthropy scene. FDC was established just in 2016 and is actually a health legacy funder in addition to a traditional community foundation. This foundation came about when Prospect Medical Holdings acquired Crozer-Keystone, and it has quickly become the largest community funder in the county. Since many local nonprofits might yet be familiar with FDC, here are a few things to know about its grantmaking and priorities.

FDC Has Connections in Media, Upper Darby, Chester, and Springfield

It’s important to remember that this is a Delaware County funder and not one that’s specific to the city limits of Philadelphia. FDC is headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, but it also has offices in Upper Darby, Chester, and Springfield. In these offices, FDC maintains a staff of around 60 professionals to run its programs, which include the WIC Nutrition Program and the Nurse-Family Partnership, as well as special projects like the health resource center for Chester High School teenagers.

There Are Four Issue Areas in Focus

Although it’s only been around for a few years, this health legacy funder already has a very focused grantmaking strategy. It is currently focusing on just four issue areas, and it sticks to those funding categories in each grant cycle.

One focus area is improving health and development for poor children and youth. This funding is mostly centered on the health of first-time mothers and providing three maternal and children’s health programs that serve over 10,000 county residents. Another focus is supporting adults with cancer. These grants help provide free breast cancer screenings and mammograms and also help men and women overcome financial challenges after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Helping seniors age in place is a third focus area, and inspiring teens to succeed is the fourth focus. Grants for seniors go towards caregiver training, Medicare advocacy, and hospice services. Meanwhile, grants for teens are mostly focused on the Chester community and also keeping the county’s kids drug-free.

Annual Grantmaking Exceeds $1 Million Per Year

In a recent year, the funder committed nearly $1.5 million to grantmaking, and we expect FDC’s giving to only increase in the years ahead as it gets more support from individual and family donors. The foundation awards grants to around 45 nonprofits per year, as well as scholarships for nursing and radiology technician students. FDC grants tend to be between $10,000 and $50,000 each.

FDC’s E-Newsletter is a Resource for 2019 Opportunities

This foundation posts information about upcoming grant cycles on its website, but the best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for FDC’s e-newsletter. In this way, nonprofits can receive information about FDC’s 2019 grant cycle and stay ahead of the upcoming deadlines. In the past, the funder has set a proposal deadline in late-June and announced new awards in late-October.

Another resource for insights about this funder is IP’s full profile of the Foundation for Delaware County in our Philadelphia Funders Guide. Subscribers can also search for FDC staff contact information and bios via our PeopleFinder feature.