Here’s How the Ketchikan Community Foundation Gives in Alaska



By managing over 500 funds and controlling assets of more than $90 million, the Alaska Community Foundation (ACF) is the center for philanthropy in this far northwest state. This community funder grants out between $4 million and $5 million each year, but a significant portion of its power and influence comes through its affiliate and partner community funds. In a state so geographically vast, it’s the 11 affiliate funds and five partner foundations that really link philanthropic resources to local residents in need of support.

One of these affiliates is the Ketchikan Community Foundation (KCF), a funder that recently awarded its fourth round of community grants. For 2019, KCF gave approximately $20,000 to eight local nonprofits. This brings the group’s total to around $82,000, in support of 29 organizations since inception. While these figures may pale in comparison to what its parent foundation is doing, these are very targeted local grants that people see put into action close to home.

KCF has lately focused on homeless individuals, people with disabilities, youth, and seniors. In support of the most vulnerable populations in Ketchikan, the funder awarded grants to groups including First City Homeless Shelter, Women in Safe Homes, and Southeast Alaska Independent Living. Other funded causes include cancer support classes, a summer camp for kids, and Sunday dinners for the hungry. Funding has trended towards basic needs, with grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 for nonprofits, tribal entities, schools, and faith-based groups. However, some grants have been as high as $7,000.

Overall, KCF looks to use its money to honor the region’s cultural diversity and support multiple generations of citizens. Meanwhile, donations to KCF’s unrestricted endowment help the affiliate funder earn a 1:1 match of $185,000 and an additional annual gift of $5,000 from the Rasmussen Foundation and the Alaska Community Foundation—an arrangement set for 2017 through 2020.

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KCF funding rotates across three themes: youth, community enrichment, and physical/emotional support. KCF and the other affiliate community foundations in Alaska are accessible to local grantseekers and welcome contact to the local advisory boards at any time. We expect to see the next KCF competitive grant cycle open in early 2020.

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