Here's why Lady Gaga says the Born This Way Foundation is Not an Anti-Bullying Org

Though bullying is a serious public health issue, at the official launch of her charity, the Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga states that the charity she founded with her mom, Cynthia is not an anti-bullying charity. The Foundation's goal is to empower young people to work toward creating a "kinder and braver world," through love, acceptance and tolerance. After sitting through an hour of her launch video that took place at Harvard, it's difficult to think of the Born This Way Foundation as anything else but an anti-bullying foundation.

Lady Gaga founded the Born This Way Foundation with $1.2 million of her own funds, a $500,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation and an $850,000 gift from Barneys. The Foundation is less than one year old, so it's not yet clear the impact Gaga, her Foundation and her followers will have on helping kids create safe, accepting environments and become braver stewards of society by standing up or intervening when someone is being harassed and bullied at school. 

In all fairness to the Born This Way Foundation and its founders, I don't think that the Foundation is strictly an anti-bullying one, but listening to what Gaga has to say about it, anti-bullying does sound like its main message—and anti-bullying's main message is acceptance. Through her Foundation, along with partnerships with the California Endowment, The MacArthur Foundation and The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, Gaga wants young people to empower themselves to create a safe, loving and accepting environments in their lives whether it's school, home, their community or anywhere else.

At her launch, which involved a Q&A session of professors, psychologists and prominent research specialists and even government officials, Lady Gaga was not without profundity in her answers stating "I don't believe that one person can change the world. I believe that human kind as a whole can change the world."  The Born This Way Foundation is working toward doing just that by fighting to end the mental anguished for both the victims and perpetrators of bullying by starting with the children who experience, see it and feel it, in their everyday lives.