James F. Goldstein

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Real estate investor

FUNDING AREAS: Arts & Culture

OVERVIEW: James Goldstein does not appear to have a formal charitable vehicle. He’s made a big bequest to Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has a passion for the arts.

BACKGROUND: Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, James Goldstein attended Stanford University. He got into real estate investment and reportedly made a billion-dollar fortune developing the Century City office area in Los Angeles. Goldstein is also a major fan of the NBA and reportedly goes to four or five NBA games a week in Los Angeles.


ARTS & CULTURE: Goldstein recently promised his home, its contents, and surrounding estate to LACMA upon his passing. The James Goldstein House was originally built in 1963 for Helen and Paul Sheats by architect John Lautner. Goldstein purchased the residence in the early 1970s and enlisted Lautner and later the architect's protege to revamp the residence. The house was featured in the Coen Brothers' 1998 film The Big Lebowski. According to the Los Angeles Times, the value of the endowment is estimated to be $17 million, while the value of the entire bequest is some $40 million. Goldstein, though, calls that figure "conservative."

LOOKING FORWARD: Goldstein keeps a low profile and even his age remains opaque. However, his interest in the arts, architecture, fashion, and the NBA should be watched carefully.

LINK: James Goldstein Website