Larry Robbins

NET WORTH: $2 billion

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Founder, Glenview Capital Management

FUNDING AREAS: Education reform, Poverty, Jewish causes

OVERVIEW: Larry Robbins directs the majority of his giving through his Robbins Foundation. Robbins is the chair of KIPP New York and the Relay Graduate School of Education. He’s also closely involved with the Robin Hood Foundation (he serves as vice chair), Teach for America New York and KIPP Infinity, a charter school in Harlem.

BACKGROUND: Larry Robbins grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and reportedly named Glenview Capital Management after his hometown, Glenview, Illinois. While at Wharton, Robbins completed a five-year, dual-degree program, majoring in economics and engineering.


EDUCATION: Larry Robbins continues to be a heavy supporter of public education through big organizations such as KIPP, Teach for America and Teach for All. Aside from his donations to the Allen Stevenson School which his four boys attend, Robbins’ philanthropy continues to be focused on education reform, not only in New York, but nationwide. He continues to support the Relay Graduate School of Education, keeping his efforts and money focused on his belief that “one can’t be involved with the administration of charter schools without realizing that what makes the great ones special isn’t bricks and mortar. It’s human capital. We needed more teachers and better teachers.”

Robbins also recently gifted his alma mater, the Wharton School of Business, $7.5 million toward the renovation of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology building. Robbins has been an active member of the Wharton Club of New York and the Wharton Hedge Fund Network where he also gave a keynote address in 2011. Read the full story on the gift here.

As well, he's also supported Hunter College Foundation, and Robbins has begun giving smaller donations to the Education Foundation of Alpine, where he currently resides.

JEWISH CAUSES: Robbins directs most of his Jewish-related giving to the UJA Federation of New York. UJA “aims to strengthen and reinforce Jewish community by promoting acts of caring, strengthening Jewish identity, and deepening a collective sense of global Jewish connection.” He also supports smaller Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, and the Metro New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty.

POVERTY REDUCTION: Robbins has given his biggest amounts to the Robin Hood Foundation. In recent years, Robbins has given the foundation millions. Other organizations working in poverty reduction that Robbins has supported include the Harlem Children’s Zone and LIFT. Robbins doesn’t really stray outside of New York in his poverty-related giving.

LOOKING FORWARD: Larry Robbins has been making significant donations to education reform, Jewish causes and poverty reduction for a number of years, and that isn’t likely to change. A new pattern emerging in his giving is related to healthcare. He’s made a handful of smaller donations to organizations such as the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Princeton Child Development Institute, and the NYU Hospitals Center. In Robbins' own words, medical research and drug discovery "have phenomenal benefits but also carry huge risks of failure." Robbins' wife Amy runs a separate foundation called the Nunda Foundation, which gives to a range of global causes.


Robbins Foundation c/o Glenview Capital Management

767 5th Avenue, 44th Floor

New York, New York, 10153