Halloran Philanthropies: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: Halloran’s global development focuses on energy and water, education, community innovation, entrepreneurship, health, and business innovation.

IP TAKE: This funder’s grantmaking process is relatively opaque, but grantseekers are advised to network with the Halloran staff and introduce themselves.

PROFILE: Halloran Philanthropies maintains a vision of a world in which humanity lives in "[p]eace, justice and security without fear or violence." As a result, Halloran seeks to "[i]nspire, innovate and accelerate sustainable social interventions that promote human wellbeing." While Halloran supports organizations that working least developed and developing countries, it tends to prioritize groups working in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Mali, and India. Its global development grantmaking addresses energy and water, education, community innovation, entrepreneurship, health and business innovation

While Halloran does not share its grantmaking strategies, its annual report reveals a dedication to education and entrepreneurship, which receive the most grant dollars. To learn more about Halloran’s grantees, examine its annual report. According to Halloran's website, it seeks projects that harness the power of "[t]echnology and innovation through sustainable social enterprise, large numbers of people can be freed from material poverty." As a result, it seeks to inspire and empower leaders in social and entrepreneurial innovation. It also appreciates taking calculated risks in what projects the foundation supports. 

Halloran awards grants to both large international organizations and smaller, grassroots groups. However, it appears to favor larger organizations somewhat. Additionally, Halloran makes a few social impact investments.

How Halloran makes its grantmaking remains unclear. This lack of information may indicate that this funder does not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding.


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