The Real Scandal Over the Avery Fisher Hall Renaming

I don't know why the New York Times and other publications continue to write about the David Geffen renaming gift to Lincoln Center that will result in renaming Avery Fisher Hall.

I wrote earlier about the payoff to the Fisher children that enabled Lincoln Center to seek out a new donor to rename Avery Fisher Hall. But that payoff seems to bother no one but me. More people are concerned about Geffen specifying that the hall be named for him in perpetuity. Avery Fisher had the same clause in his gift instrument, but Lincoln Center merely bought off the people most likely to sue over the name change. Geffen doesn't have any children.

Where is the New York Attorney General in this fiasco? If Fisher didn't have children still living, Lincoln Center would have just renamed the hall without spending $15 million to quiet the potential objectors. However, I always thought that it was the job of the AG to assure that the terms of charitable gift instruments were upheld.