Four Things to Know About Paul Singer's New York City Philanthropy

Paul Singer, CEO of Elliott Management Corporation, is well known as a vocal supporter of conservative causes. He funds and sits on the board of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. His foundation, the recently renamed Paul E. Singer Foundation, describes its mission as supporting "innovative and effective organizations that work to strengthen our American democracy and democracies around the world." 

On the other hand, Singer has been a supporter of gay rights, particularly in New York City.

What's clear is that Singer is an enigmatic figure. He's also worth $1.86 billion and does much of his giving in the New York City area, mainly to education, health and LGBT causes. Here are four must-knows about Singer's philanthropy:

1. Large Sums Have Gone to Health and Education

Singer has thrown his money around in the political scene for a while where he's been vocal and clear about his interests and convictions. When it comes to his education and health giving, Singer's exact philosophies appear less clear. Cancer research is a clear interest, however. Singer has been a steady funder of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, which received at least $2.5 annually over the last few years. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in White Plains received $1 million in 2013 and a similar amount the year prior. Other health outfits in suburban and rural New York, such as Blythedale Children's Hospital and the Bachmann-Strauss Dystoma and Parkinson Foundation, have also received modest support. 

In education, meanwhile, Harlem outfits appear to be of particular interest to Singer's foundation. Harlem Children's Zone, Harlem Village Academies, East Harlem Tutorial Program and Success Charter Network, which worked with its first school in—you guessed it—Harlem, have also seen recent funding. 

2. Assorted Sums Have Gone to Other Causes As Well

Outfits such as the Food Bank of New York City, the New York City Police Foundation, Whitney Museum of Art, the Robin Hood Foundation, the New York Historical Society, and the Young People's Chorus of New York City have all received money. Large sums have also gone to Jewish causes, where Singer has supported outfits such as Alsh HaTorah NY, the America-Israel Friendship League and the American Israel Education Foundation in Washington D.C.

It's also worth noting that some of Singer's philanthropy is focused on Upstate New York, likely because of Singer's undergraduate alma mater, the University of Rochester. Speaking of which, the University of Rochester hosts the Singer Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching.

3. While Singer's Foundation's Isn't Accessible, It Does Have a Staff

The Singer foundation has a website, but it doesn't give information on how to apply for a grant. On the other hand, this outfit does have a professional staff, in contrast to a lot of hedge funder foundations we see. You can see who they are by visiting our profile below. You might also try connecting with the staff via LinkedIn. 

4. The Flow of Singer Grants Is Likely Just Beginning 

Remember, Singer is still very much engaged in his business, and much of his money has gone to political causes. As a signatory of the Giving Pledge, however, it's likely that at least half of his wealth is headed toward philanthropic causes and that New York City will be a priority. 

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